Adopt a Terrorist for Prayer

Linda and I sponsor a 9 year old girl in rural El Salvador, and now we’ve “adopted” an al-Qaeda operations planner, location unknown. Yes, we’ve adopted a terrorist… for prayer.
Jesus told us to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us. Now there’s a web site that helps us do that:
“Adopt a Terrorist fro Prayer” allows you to focus prayer on a known terrorist, resulting in spiritual transformation for yourself and contributing to the decline of terrorism (and possibly terrorists coming to know Christ!)
From the web site:
“Where is the Christian response to terrorism? If the struggle against violence done in the name of Islam is primarily spiritual, then defeating it requires a spiritual response.
This site features FBI and State Department identified terrorists and terrorism sponsors. Terrorism inspires fear. According to Jesus, the antidote to fear is love.”
Can you adopt a terrorist for prayer?