20 years on…

It’s hard to believe, but it was 20 years ago this month that I was appointed to start Crossroads Church.
My District Superintendent was rather reluctant to tell me of the appointment, thinking, I suppose, that it wasn’t so good to be appointed to a church with no people, no building and no land. But I was thrilled for the opportunity.
Right from the beginning I was convinced that Crossroads would become a large church. I had no clue, though, that we would have multiple campuses nor be working in Mozambique as we are.
These days the leadership team and I are praying over how we can catalyze a movement of Kingdom-minded people who multiply churches and bring the life of Jesus into every sphere of life. That won’t be easy, but then again, ministry hasn’t been easy so far either. The best part is it is not by our power nor ingenuity that this will occur – it is the power of God working among us.