Zapped in Maturity?

Recently I had the chance to spend  time with several pastors from around the world who are seeing God work in remarkable ways. These pastors have churches numbering in the tens of thousands and have seen amazing miracles happen in their midst.
When the opportunity arose I asked several to pray for me. One African pastor leading a church of 200,000 prayed over me asking God to meet some specific needs in my life that he had no way of knowing. A couple of others laid hands on me and prayed some powerful things for me. I was very encouraged and even wrote down what they prayed so I could review it later and see how it unfolds.
Yet, as meaningful as the experience was for me, I sensed God telling me that the key to me living out His plan and purpose for me was not that moment in which I was prayed for, it will be in my daily obedience.
I would like for God to transform me with a “zap” — so that in an instant I would have no more anxieties or doubts, and be filled only with love and victory. But most of time it doesn’t happen that way. Yes, meeting God in special moments can propel us forward, but most of the time our lives change when we practice claiming our identity and promise in Jesus; by making the choice to listen for God, risking obedience and loving persistently.
I will always treasure the memory of being prayed over by those great servants of God, but I know it is no short-cut to transformation. That happens one day at a  time. And thanks to that experience I am all the more confident it will indeed happen.