Neglected Keys to Following Jesus

I have read several books during my post-Christmas break. One that surprised me was Basic Discipleship by Floyd McClung. I expected a review of fundamental truths and habits, like prayer, assurance of salvation, and so on.
Instead, McClung focuses on some key traits that make it possible for us to grow in Christ. They are:
* bringing every part of our lives into God’s will (learning to yield to him).
* breaking free from sin through dealing with pride and growing in humility
* evangelizing through loving others well and overcoming fear.
These truths reflect McClung’s experience as a faithful Christ-follower and veteran, innovative missionary. He has seen how those who adopt these traits grow spiritually strong and vital, while those who neglect them do not.
If you are discipling someone (and I sincerely hope you are), I would encourage you to pass on these lessons to those you are helping to grow.