"Welcome Home"

Home — there is nothing like it.
As part of our sabbatical, Linda and I spent 16 days in France and 2 in Brussels, Belgium. It was a great trip and we enjoyed it a lot, but at the end Linda and I were anxious to get back home.
After we landed in New York, we headed for the customs and immigration check points. The signs above indicated one lane for US citizens and another for those with visitor visas. I was thankful to head for the “citizens” line.
I was home.
I could fully understand everything people said. The food was familiar. I knew what to expect (mostly!) I belonged.
Arriving back in the States made me think of heaven. When we get to heaven we will finally feel fully at home. There will be no misunderstandings or miscommunications. Things will seem right and comfortable. No one will have to explain anything to us. Nothing will be missing. Our eternal family will be there.
It’s not that we hate life on earth; it’s a precious gift. Linda and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Europe and meeting all kinds of new people there. It’s just that the U.S. (and Pittsburgh!) is home. Life on earth is wonderful, but heaven is really our home – and we’re not there yet.