Books I read on sabbatical

Over my three-month sabbatical I read about 23 books. I listed them below, in no particular order. I marked with asterisks the top four books in terms of making an impact on me personally.
I wasn’t reading for any particular goal – just what struck my interest at the moment (that’s the privilege of a sabbatical!)
I am an information-addict; I find that I am always interested in learning something I didn’t know. That means I am drawn to read mostly non-fiction (although one can learn a lot through a good novel, too.) However, these days I am trying to make sure that I am taking action on what I read. So I will copy quotes from good books in my journal, and note what action I want to take as a result. I am much more likely to do something when I take these notes. The books I have designated with an * are those which merit significant journal entries.
Speed – Brown
Birthing the Miraculous – Heidi Baker
* Do What Jesus Did – Robby Dawkins
The Invisible Girls: A Memoir
Prayer – Seeking the heart of God – Mother Teresa and Brother Roger
Mighty Prevailing Prayer – Duewel
Passion and Purpose – Seibert
Healing Ministry – Moraine
Baptism in the Holy Spirit – Randy Clark
Manifesting God’s Love – Jerame Nelson
* Present Perfect – Greg Boyd
Clay in the Potter’s Hand – Dorothy Sun
** The Insanity of God – Nik Ripken
Arts and Entertainments – Beha
Four Cups – Chris Hodges
Sentness – Hammond, Cronshaw
*** Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus
Untitled: Thoughts on the Creative Process – Hogan
Outrageous Love, Transforming Power – Wardle
The Demon of Brownsville Road – Cranmer
Paul among the People – Ruden
The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind – Johnson
A Wind in the House of Islam – Garrison