Shaped by Faith

Jesus said, “According to your faith let it be done to you.” (Matthew 9:29)

What will your life be like next year? Five years from now? The answer to that question will not be determined primarily by chance, your DNA or by the state of the economy. It will not be your appearance, talent, family of origin or your education that will most shape your destiny. The best predictor of your future is the vitality of your faith.
The level of your faith will influence the type of challenges to which you will rise and the attitudes you will display. It will govern the amount of resilience you will show in the face of hardship, the depth of your relationships and the amount of God’s power that flows through your life. Your faith will even determine whether or not you live beyond the grave. Our faith shapes more of our lives than we realize.
— From the Introduction of my recent book, “Hear it, See it, Risk it.”